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Blender add-on. Quickly model parametric architectural objects in Blender, with a real-time, on-screen editing interface, designed for speed.

Blender add-on. An add-on for beautiful, detailed, and data-rich OpenBIM with Blender. Create data-rich IFC4 data to future-proof your BIM data and integrate with the rest of the OpenBIM ecosystem.

Blender add-on. CAD like transform operations for blender 2.8+

FreeCAD is an open-source, extensible, parametric 2D and 3D modeler primarily designed for mechanical engineering but which can be used in many different fields like machining, routing, 3D printing, finite element analysis, and of course, architecture and

"A computational framework for collaboration and research in Architecture, Engineering, Fabrication, and Construction"

Blender add-on. Sverchok is a parametric tool for architects and designers for Blender. You can use it to program objects' shapes without knowing any programming languages. Sverchok has been inspired by Grasshopper from Rhino 3D and it uses a similar node

Topologic is a software modelling library enabling hierarchical and topological representations of architectural spaces, buildings and artefacts through non-manifold topology.